Since its foundation in 1998 until today, Arvensis is a company that has placed itself as a leading company in the development of technology applied to agriculture. Located in Zaragoza, Spain (strategic logistic reference area), Arvensis is today a consolidated project of development, production and distribution of plant nutritionals for agriculture.

In Arvensis we design, develop and formulate plant nutritional products both liquids and solids, with the aim of giving to “the land” a range of quality added-value products, as today’s market standards request.

During the last years Arvensis has made a great investment in R+D+i to achieve a leading position in agriculture. Getting more effective and innovative plant treatments involves a continuous renewal to achieve more and better goals

Thus, Arvensis has expanded its R+D+i department, creating a biotechnology specialized area complemented with a specialized agricultural microbiology laboratory, multi-crop experimental greenhouse and a trial field located at Belchite area.

New microbiology and natural extracts based solutions are being researched, involving the creation of a highly specialized infrastructure in Arvensis factory allowing us to produce high quality enzymes and metabolites to enrich our products.

In order to successfully pass this procedure Arvensis has:

  • A chemistry laboratory where we perform the needed formulation tests ensuring the highest quality of the final products.
  • A biology laboratory that deals with effectiveness test in a controlled environment.
  • A pilot plant to produce special formulas in semi-industrial scale.
  • A greenhouse to grow different species and varieties, allowing us to reproduce the results obtained in the laboratory but in a natural environment.
  • If laboratory tests are successful, field trials will be done starting from the best prototypes.
  • For this purpose, Arvensis has an experimental farm at Belchite town (Zaragoza) and the chance to collaborate with qualified customers and partners for more specific testing.

Arvensis in its quest to respect the environment has invested much of its effort on Eco-logic line, with products for use in organic farming, presenting a wide range with the certifications obtained with the most prestigious certification agencies, such as *BCS-ÖKO, * CAAE and *ECOCERT.

With a clear export orientation, today we are present in more than 30 countries, on 5 continents and have an annual production capable of providing with treatments to the area equivalent to half of the agricultural area of Spain.


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