Exopol S.L. is a biotechnology company located in Zaragoza and devoted to the veterinary diagnostic, the elaboration autovaccines and qPCR kits.

Autovaccines are made with the isolated pathogens of the samples taken from the animal in which we are going to apply. They are used against less frequent pathologies where there are no commercial vaccines and those pathogens in which are not functioning properly. In this way, we develop a product tailored to the needs of our customers.

To our knowledge we are the only company in the world using this technology in the autovaccines development although liposomes have been registered and are being used in some human medicine vaccines and for sharing some cancer and antifungal treatments. In addition there are other evaluated products in different clinical and preclinical studies.

During the last years, thanks to our wide experience as PCR users as well as our outstanding effort invested in R+D (more than the 50% of our activity), our technical team has developed and validated their own PCR assays in Real Time (qPCR) "EXOone qPCR kits", which are available in two formats:

  • EXOone PLUS: All needed reagents are stabilized in each well of a qPCR plate that can be storaged at 4º C
  • EXOone oneMIX: All the needed reagents are included in a single tube in liquid format.

Both formats account with important advantages compared with most of the commercial kits; easy to use, avoid manipulation and save time. Just add water and your sample!


Exopol activity is divided into sections:

  • Veterinary diagnostic laboratory
  • Veterinary autovaccines
  • Real Time PCR kits


Exopol has developed, among another, these i+d projects.

  • Project CDTI IDI-20110416 Hemoparásitos (Babesia, Theileria y Anaplasma en rumiantes). Diagnóstico y elaboración de autovacunas. Budget: 584.760€
  • Project CDTI IDI-20090420. Criptosporidiasis. Diagnóstico y Elaboración de Autovacunas. Presupuesto: 758.453€
  • Project CDTI 050484. Disentería Porcina. Diagnóstico y elaboración de autovacunas. Budget: 450.000€
  • Project CDTI 00-0078. Mycoplasmas cunícolas y aviares. Diagnóstico y elaboración de autovacunas. Budget: 477.800€. Proyecto Eureka, E 2183 Euroagri Mycoplasma

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Website: www.exopol.com

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