OPERON was established in 1973 as a private R&D laboratory in the field of immunochemistry. At the beginning the company's target was to satisfy the needs of the Spanish market.

In 1983 OPERON started its international sales operation. In 1986 the research of monoclonal antibodies was iniciated, and the first rapid tests were produced and sold in 1991.

The Molecular Diagnostic line was also launched in 2006.

Nowadays, we are exporting different In Vitro Diagnostic kits and IVD raw materials to more than 50 countries all over the world. We are active in three different fields: clinical diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics and food diagnostics.

The company employs above 65 highly skilled and experienced people, nearly one third dedicated to the research and development of new innovative tests.

OPERON is a certified ISO 13.485 company as well as a licenced IVD manufacturer in Spain, being also registered as an IVD manufacturer at the FDA in the US and a Foreign IVD Manufacturer in Japan.


Our main product lines are:

  • Raw materials (Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant Antigens). OPERON offers an industrial monoclonal antibodies development and manufacturing facility being able to supply several 100 grams per year as raw materials for the IVD world.
  • Immunochromatography - rapid tests. OPERON has more than 20 years experience in the lateral flow test technology, producing several millions of tests every year.
  • Molecular diagnostics. Tests based on the capture with specific probes of nucleic acids of amplified fragments by the polymerase chain reaction: Opegen line and OligoGen line.
  • Customized products. Personalised design according to the needs of the customer, large scale production of tests designed by the client, manufacturing in OEM format, coo-peration with other companies and public institutions in the development and manufature of immuno and molecular assays for the detections of new biochemical markers.



Camino del Plano, 19.

50410 Cuarte de Huerva (Zaragoza) - Spain.

Website: www.operon.es

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Phone: +34 976 503 597

Fax: +34 976 503 531


Raw materials.

Rapid tests.

Molecular diagnostics.