ZEULAB is a Spanish biotechnology company specializing in the development, production and marketing of in vitro diagnostic tests for the food and the environment.

Born in 1995 as a spin-off project from the University of Zaragoza with the aim of becoming a research company that develops innovative products for the global market.

The company was awarded the IDEA 94 and the Junior Award Vendor Company in 2003.

ZEULAB activity revolves around 3 main themes: INNOVATION, QUALITY AND SERVICE.


ZEULAB spent more than 25% of its business to research and development of new diagnostic products with the aim of providing innovative analytical solutions that make it simple and effective work customers.

Over 50% of its staff are graduates, and in many cases have a PhD in one of the Air of Life Sciences.

In these 15 years of experience ZEULAB has invested in various technologies for the development of immunochemical tests, enzymatic, molecular and microbiological processes, know-how to develop a high value itself.

He has collaborated on multiple projects with research centers like the University of Zaragoza, CITA, University of Santiago de Compostela, etc. Many of these projects have been supported and financed by the Government of Aragon and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

ZEU is a world leader in the development of tests for the detection of antibiotic residues in food, food fraud detection, detection of food allergens, etc. In recent years he has developed a new exclusive line of tests to detect toxins in food and water. These tests are being validated in Europe and USA to be recognized as official methods alternative.


All our development processes, production and marketing are certified to ISO 9001.

The manufacture of our high technology involves having modern facilities and equipment adapted to these processes. Our products undergo strict quality control, always maintaining standard production conditions to ensure maximum reproducibility and traceability.


ZEULAB products are marketed in over 40 countries through partnerships with qualified distributors.

ZEULAB exports over 70% of its production to Asian markets like Korea or China, Europe, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, etc, and Americans such as Argentina, Brazil, etc.

Our tests are aimed at the Laboratories of the Food Industry, Food Control Laboratories and Environmental and official laboratories.

Our sales team is highly qualified, provides our customers with technical support for the deployment of new technologies in their labs, validation, training, etc.


In vitro diagnostic tests for the food and the environment.

  • Detection of antibiotic residues.
  • Detection of veterinarian residues (hormones, tranquilizers)
  • Species Identification (Adulterations)
  • Allergens
  • Biotoxins
  • Mycotoxins detection
  • Pathogens



C/ Bari 25 Dpdo.

50197, Zaragoza, Spain

Website: www.zeulab.com

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Phone: +34 976 731 533

Fax: +34 976 524 078